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DRONE USE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The affordable drone has come to stay. With so many functions it is now possible to use a drone to enhance farm security. It is not  really possible to patrol a farm using a drone mounted with low light camera and spot light or alternatively with FLIR (ForwardLooking Infra-Red) technology.  A best method is to use trail cameras installed at strategic points.  The cameras will send a picture of any movement day or night to your cell phone. When there is movement your security can respond and you can send the drone  with the FLIR camera / Spot lights to locate the intruder. The drone can be kept above the intruder so the security can do their job.  Camouflaged cameras are installed on criminal entry points to the farm, and strategic equipment areas, which can send a day and night clear image of the cause of the movement to your phone. In areas where the cell phone signal is poor, 20m extension antennas can be installed with long range antenna at the house.  The cameras can be fitted with solar panels to extend battery life.  Contact Peter on 082 615 6298 for more info.

   Welcome to our website!

  Welcome to our website! My name is Peter Hodgkinson and I live to fly. Building planes is my passion, (or if listening to my wife), an addiction!  I am an active modeller, who will fly at any opportunity, and am currently a member of  two of our local flying clubs.

Hobby Online was developed from a need to be able to supply our local flying club with readily available spares so we could spend more time flying.  In light of this I decided to turn my  passion into a business that is not just motivated by the bottom line, but with a supply of good quality spares at a reasonable price.    

It will be a privilege to help you where  we can, and I look forward to sharing our service with you to keep your hobby as hassle free as possible.      Kind Regards.  Peter and Tanya