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DRONE USE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The affordable drone has come to stay. With so many functions it is now possible to use a drone to enhance farm security. It is not  really possible to patrol a farm using a drone mounted with low light camera and spot light or alternatively with FLIR (ForwardLooking Infra-Red) technology.  A best method is to use trail cameras installed at strategic points.  The cameras will send a picture of any movement day or night to your cell phone. When there is movement your security can respond and you can send the drone  with the FLIR camera / Spot lights to locate the intruder. The drone can be kept above the intruder so the security can do their job.  Camouflaged cameras are installed on criminal entry points to the farm, and strategic equipment areas, which can send a day and night clear image of the cause of the movement to your phone. In areas where the cell phone signal is poor, 20m extension antennas can be installed with long range antenna at the house.  The cameras can be fitted with solar panels to extend battery life.  Contact Peter on 082 615 6298 for more info.


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Cars RTR and Rock crawlers. Surface vehicles of good quality with spares available from the shelf in store


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Full range of camera platform and FPV, Leisure drones. Includes FLIR thermal imaging cameras and low light security systems integrated into drones.

Radio Systems

Transmitter Receiver Accessories

Brushless Motor

Brushless motors for instant torque and power

Speed Controllers.

All electronic speed controllers. SBEC Switched Battery Eliminating Circuit UBEC Battery Eliminating Circuit. OPTO The BEC is seperately wired outside the ESC

Glow Engine

Nitro Glow engines.

Gas Engine

2 Stroke gas engines. Normally with electronic ignition. Run on unleaded petrol and two stroke oil.


Electric Nitro Spinner / Hardware

Landing Gear

All Undercarriage, suspension and wheels for planes

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High quality servos are a must for any model.

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Control linkage spares for any item between the servo and the control surface

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